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01922 641 532

246 Green Lane, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 8HS

Combined Fill & Test

Rotary Propellant Filler & Tester (Combined Head System)

R+R have developed a new head that can combine the pressurization and testing functions for Aerosol Cans with Aerosol pressure testers.

The required can pressures and test pressures are adjustable, and can be stored in a number of presets for different products.

Aerosol pressure testers with Propellant fillers

The advantage is flexibility. A Combined system can pressurize or test at the same speed as a dedicated machine, or perform both pressurization and testing – albeit with a slightly longer cycle time.

R+R can provide as an option, an automatic height adjustment system for different heights, and Changepart sets for different diameters of Can.

Co2 Filling Machines are utilized for filling fluid carbon dioxide into barrels. The fluid Carbon Di Oxide is pumped through high weight manifolds. The barrels are put on Weighing stages and once the predefined amount is filled, the valves gets cut off. The filled chambers are evacuated and discharge barrels fitted for filling.

R+R can provide as an option, the ability to remotely access the machine via modem – to perform diagnostics and troubleshooting from an off-site location.