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01922 641 532

246 Green Lane, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 8HS

Leak Detector

Rotary Aerosol Leak Detector

R &R Midlands Ltd have developed a leak detector system suitable for testing for gas leaks on LPG, CO2, Nitrogen & Air propellant filled aerosol containers.

The test cycles are governed by the size of the leak required to be detected in accordance with ADR 2013 and to the BAMA recommendation of 2.0 x 10-3 mbar/l/s at 20°C.

We offer two types of leak detection – ‘Top Of Can’ (or ‘Crown’) detection, which tests the valve crimp seal and valve, and ‘Full Can’ (or ‘Body’) detection. Currently, Full Can detection is only available from R&R.

Large leaks including the dispersion of product will be detected by the vacuum pressure sensor and further protection will be afforded by a mechanical filter. As soon as the vacuum signature for a large leak is detected, the air purge system is turned on for an extended time to clear the test chamber of product.


  • Machine fully compliant to ATEX Zone II/3G
  • Sensing technique will work with LPG, CO2, Nitrogen and Air propellants.
  • Each can test takes 4.5 seconds from start to finish; this is similar to compressed air propellant filling and testing times.
  • Industry standard components used in test head design.
  • Actual size of leak (+/-10%) displayed on machine HMI for logging.
  • Test heads can be connected to via Ethernet networks for remote testing, fault finding and software upgrade.
  • Unique air purge system continually clears test heads of trace gasses and/or product discharged from poorly crimped aerosols.
  • Low maintenance seals.
  • Easy can changeovers.

Machines have been installed at Clients’ sites and can be viewed either at the Clients’ premises or on our video page.