Technical File

Manufacturers of new products subject to European product safety Directives must collect and be able to assemble comprehensive information covering the design, construction, conformity assessment and use of the product to demonstrate how their product complies with all applicable directives. This is known as a Technical File.

As a manufacturer, R&R must compile a technical file for each Aerosol Machine we place on the European market (or one for a series of identical products) as required by the relevant European produce safety Directive.

R&R’s Technical File comprises of (as a minimum) the following information:

  • Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual in compliance with EN 80079-36
  • General arrangement drawings detailing dimensions, metallurgy used and antistatic materials applied to the design.
  • Parts list, with particular reference to the ATEX information if each component used in the manufacturing process, listing operating parameters where necessary
  • Ignition Hazard Assessment Report in line with EN 80079-36
  • Factory Acceptance Test Results and Inspection Reports.
  • MSDS Datasheets for materials utilised in the assembly of the Machine
  • A copy of the Declaration of Conformity

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