R&R have developed a series of ‘Entry-Level’ semi-automatic Aerosol Machines

R&R have developed a series of ‘Entry-Level’ semi-automatic Aerosol Machines – where an operator must load and unload the aerosol container, but the process operations are controlled via a small PLC / HMI system. The machines can have a single process head (product filling, crimping, propellant filling, leak detection) or multiple heads, and can be […]

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R&R Win New Order for a Complete Production Line 100CPM

R&R have been awarded a contract by a major UK paint manufacturer and Aerosol Filler to provide a full production line comprising of Product Fillers, Crimp Checkers, Gassing Machines, Gas House, Checkweigher, Water Bath, Leak Detection Machine, Actuator Placers, Labeller, Heat Tunnel, Capper, Ink Jet Coders and Wrap-Around Case Packer.  The Line and associated Machines […]

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A Breath of Fresh Air

R+R were tasked to build a 300 CPM rotary propellant filling machine using compressed air, by a major blue-chip client. The enquiry to R+R was made directly by the client who had been looking for a reputable engineering firm in the UK to come up with a suitable design and build of a prototype machine, […]

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There’s No Escape From R+R

R+R have succeeded in winning and fulfilling more orders for Crown Micro-Leak Detection Machines compatible with the BAMA requirements and FEA recommendations for the ‘Alternative Method’ of aerosol quality control.  The Machines test every container, and are capable of detecting and rejecting leaking valves or valve crimps in tinplate aerosols, regardless of propellant or product. […]

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R+R Win New Order for Full-Can Micro-Leak Detection Machine

Building upon their success of their line of Crown Leak Detection Machines, R+R have been awarded a contract to provide a Full Body variant of their Micro-Leak Detection Machines.  A Full-Body Micro-Leak Detection Machine is capable of detecting a leak from any pressurised container, regardless of valve type, material, construction, propellant or product. The Full-body […]

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R+R Go The Extra Mile

R+R have developed our own Water Bath, Actuator Placing Machine, Cap Placing Machine, and Checkweigher Machine designs.  This means we can now design and construct an aerosol production line from the container loading table right up to marking and packaging, all at high speeds. R+R’s latest project involved such an undertaking – a full production […]

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