Refurbish and New Machines

R+R were tasked with removing, reconfiguring and relocating a complete production line, including:







Removal of the equipment from a customer’s site and delivering it to R+R’s premises:

  • Loading Table, Valve Hopper / Feeder Systems, LPG Propellent Fillers, Test Bath, Actuator Placer / Sorter, Overcap Placer, Tray Loader & Wrapper (including Heat Tunnel)
  • Completely stripping down the equipment and evaluating the working components.
  • Repairing or replacing any components necessary to ensure the trouble-free operation of the equipment.
  • Rebuilding the equipment, as well as designing and manufacturing new conveyors to a new line configuration.
  • Supplying two new indexing Product Filling Machines.
  • Supplying completely new conveyors throughout the line.
  • Program and supply a HMI system in it’s own panel for Line Control and Monitoring.
  • Transport of the reconditioned equipment to the customer’s new location.
  • Installation and commissioning of the new layout.

R+R were tasked with disconnecting, making ready for transport, and re-connecting and commissioning a Nitrogen Filling Machine, including:

  • Mechanically disconnecting, and electrically disconnecting and making safe the Filling Machine from the line.
  • Installing the Machine into the production line at the new location, including line layout and software modifications.
  • Commissioning of the Machine and associated conveyors in the new location.


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