Refurbish & Relocation

R+R were tasked with removing, reconfiguring and relocating a complete production line, including:

Removal of the equipment from a customer’s site and delivering it to R+R’s premises.

Loading Table, 2-off Product Fillers, LPG Propellent Fillers, Test Bath, Actuator Placer / Sorter, Overcap Placer, Tray Loader & Wrapper.

Completely stripping down the equipment and evaluating the working components.

Repairing or replacing any components necessary to ensure the trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Rebuilding the equipment, as well as designing and manufacturing new conveyors to a new line configuration.

Upgrading the Control Panel and PLC / HMI system to control the new layout and comply with the current Machinery Directive

Transport of the reconditioned equipment to the customer’s new location.

Installation and commissioning of the new layout.

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