R+R Go The Extra Mile

R+R Go The Extra Mile

R+R have developed our own Water Bath, Actuator Placing Machine, Cap Placing Machine, and Checkweigher Machine designs.  This means we can now design and construct an aerosol production line from the container loading table right up to marking and packaging, all at high speeds.

R+R’s latest project involved such an undertaking – a full production line capable of 120 containers per minute.

R&R were awarded a contract by a major paint manufacturer and aerosol filler to provide a full production line required to handle a number of different diameter and height of containers.

Production involved container inserts, a two-stage product, valve insertion and crimping, crimp checking, check-weighing, burst pressure (water bath) and leak detection, actuator placement, shrink labelling (with heat tunnel), cap placement, batch marking (inkjet) and final packaging / shrink-wrapping.

This new production line will be R&R’s fifth aerosol line, won on the back of previous projects for satisfied customers and against stiff competition from other aerosol machine manufacturers.